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Bathroom Remodeling For A Whole New Look


Ceramic Tile Surround

New Ceramic Tile Surround Click Image For Shower Valve

All New Bathroom Remodeling

New Ceramic Surround, Jetted Tub and Sliding Shower Doors

Here is a Bathroom Remodeling job I did that was a lot of fun to put together. The entire room had to be taken out and changed. The original room had a small linen closet behind the door that first off looked completely out of place once you were in the bathroom with the door closed.

It was hard to get to and the shelving in it was inadequate. You had to close the entry door to the bathroom to access the closet and it was a pain for the owners. I ripped out the wall and frame and installed a pocket door so there was no swinging door that had to come into the room to get to the linen.

Then I build a great shelf system inside to handle all their needs. Next I had to remove the old bathtub and dispose of it. The original builder installed a plastic tub and it had a huge crack in it. Of course there was a bunch of floor structure that had rotted due to all the moisture so that got all ripped out and replaced.

New subfloor and we are ready to go with the new jetted Jacuzzi tub, toilet, vanity and sink. Once the tub wiring and drains were in place it was  time to fit the room with it’s new main event. The tub! The home owners went and got the tub I told them would fit and the game was on.

Now it was time for the tiling to begin. I installed four nice cubbies for the bottles and bars that are needed in today’s showers and also a nice cubby for candles. (customer request) Yep, I do special requests too.

Ceramic Tile Shower Surround

The Finished Ceramic Tile Surround