Home Improvement Project For Flipping A House


Home Improvement Project For Flipping A House is the next project coming up. House already secured and the game plan is worked out. We have several things to do inside and out to make this house a new home for someone.

For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed taking run down miss cared for homes and bringing life and beauty back to them. This makes them desirable to many and in turn there is always someone that wants to buy it when it’s done.

You see, not everyone wants to do all that work to a house and they may feel they don’t have the skills to do it as well. They would rather have someone else get in there and create for them and they will just come along and buy the end product so they can get on with their lives and not have to worry about how to get all the things done that are required for a house rehab project.

Home Improvement is an economical route to getting a better house than what you already have or a way to increase the value of what you have to sell it and make a good profit from your investment.

Don’t get fooled into spending too much though. It is very easy to go overboard with a flip house by spending far too much in improvements that will never get your money back out and/or any profit from the investment. Keep it simple. If you watch the shows on TV you have to realize they are just TV shows and they make it look all spectacular and make you think you have to do all that work and spend all that money to get a house to sell.

Forget all that. You bought the house right? So that means the house will sell no matter what condition it is in and if there were others bidding on that same house then you know there are others interested in it. So my point is those TV shows are there to try to entertain you and to sell ADVERTISING and that’s where they make their money, ADVERTISING. They don’t make money from flipping houses.

Minimal investment into improvements to make the place look nice from the street is the absolute most important first step because if it doesn’t look good from the street potential buyers will just drive on by. Next is the entry. That has to look inviting and the house should smell good upon entry. BAM! Potential buyers are almost hooked!

Looks good from the street + Looks inviting upon entry + smells good (like just baked cookies) = “Gotta Have This House”

Here, check out my next project. This is a house that will look very impressive when it gets a new paint job, a new roof and all the yard cleaned up with the overgrown plants and trees cut back or removed it will have great curb appeal and sitting up a little on the hill will make it look bigger and more impressive to potential buyers.

Potential buyers are the ones that matter here in a Flip project. They are the ones that make it worth doing the work.